Ways to Jump Start Your Fitness

Some individuals reach fitness goals and ultimately healthy lifestyle changes with the help of a buddy. There are a variety of buddies that can be called upon in this endeavor. Family members or friends are both the most common types of fitness companion. However, a personal trainer is also a prudent choice to enlist. While family and friends come with a familiarity and comfort level, they may not have the knowledge about the best foods for weight loss, or the most efficient exercises to engage in. This is where a certified trainer stands out. Finding a trainer will take some research. But, with the internet and message boards throughout gyms, and other community centers, one can be found.

Personal Trainer

For custom fitness programs and a certified professional, the personal trainer fits the requirement. They are experts in developing plans with the proper exercise and instruction on to perform them. In addition, they will review nutritional plans that enhance the exercises being used. There are specific areas targeted by them that help their clients reach the desired goals. Here is a list of what they bring to the regimen.

• Assessment of client fitness level including weaknesses and strengths
• Setting fitness goals
• Monitoring progress
• Ensuring proper exercise technique
• Offering constructive feedback
• Holding clients accountable

The certification for trainers varies by country and so does the fees they charge. Building a long-term relationship with your trainer may lead to a special rate for services.

Fitness Clubs vs. Health Clubs

A fitness club is another name for a gym. This means a facility with a variety of exercise equipment, a locker room for storing personal items during the visit and some form of restroom facilities. There are fees involved and a membership is required to join fitness clubs. Doing some research will help you locate one that is convenient for you. Because of the explosion of health and fitness, there are some gyms that have 24/7 access for its members. In addition, more amenities are being added as a way to draw business.

Health Clubs take a holistic approach to the fitness genre. Specifically, they will offer more amenities such as a pool, spa, sauna, exercise classes and more. The fees associated with a health club membership are more expensive than a gym. There may also be additional charges for spa or treatment room services. However, this concept offers a social climate with meeting areas including cafes or coffee shops. Professional trainers are included on the menu of services found in health clubs. And, some of them are leading the classes offered. This is an easy segue to find one if this is an interest.

Why Join a Club?

There are a myriad of healthful benefits to joining a club regardless of which type it is. Personal taste, budget, and location usually influence the decision. However, the benefits out-weigh any of these considerations for getting fit.

• It offers motivation (If you are paying a membership fee, you are most likely to use it.)
• Has more equipment variety
• Provides a sense of community
• Access to certified trainers and other fitness enthusiasts
• Has amenities such as a sauna, pool, spa and more

People are living longer, healthier lives, and this can be attributed in large part to the certified trainer, fitness and health club industry. Once the decision is made to indulge in any of these services, sticking to it will have you realizing the goals that are set. A caveat is to find the services on the way to and from work or close to home, this way the convenience factor enhances the commitment.

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