Periodization Training Program Dana Point

Periodization: A Training Program that will get you results: guaranteed!

Have you been feeling like your workouts are the same month after month? Do you feel like your workouts aren’t as efficient as they were when you started your exercise program? Have you stopped seeing results after the first month or so? At Evolve Personalized Fitness, our goal is to avoid mundane, boring, and ineffective workouts completely! That is why we have implemented a periodization training program!

Periodization is an exercise program that varies in phases designed so that your body doesn’t get hurt, and so you don’t hit a weight-loss plateau. 

Single leg romanian deadlift in stability phase of periodization.

Cathy working on single leg RDL’s during our stability phase

At Evolve and in periodization, training occurs in five phases: stabilization, endurance, power, hypertrophy, and strength. Each of these phases demands that the acute variables of sets, repetitions, rest, intensity, and tempo match in order to achieve the primary goals of each phase. This ensures that the adaptations that occur in the energy systems, muscle fiber types, and neural-muscular-metabolic continuum match. This allows the body to receive consistent messages from all of its systems to maximize efficiency. This way, you won’t get hurt, and your workouts will be fun, always changing, and efficient!  

Group class doing a plank in endurance periodization phase.

Group class PLANKING during endurance phase.



Read about different types of periodization from Training Peaks!! and check out how Evolve implements this science-based program with our assessment process here!

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